Commodity Levy

Funding for New Zealand Apples & Pears Inc. is largely provided through a compulsory grower levy. The rate of the levy is set annually at NZAPI's Annual General Meeting and the maximum level able to be set is 1.5 cents per kilogram of apples or pears or nashi sold in New Zealand or exported for sale.

The levy from 1st November 2019 is 1.25 cents per kilogram.

Biosecurity (Response) Levy

NZAPI must spend the levy money collected under the Biosecurity (Response – Apples and Pears Levy) Order 2020 to meet its commitments in contributing to the costs of response activities under the Government Industry Agreement for Biosecurity Readiness and Response deed signed by NZAPI. The rate of the levy is sent annually at NZAPI’s Annual General Meeting and the maximum level able to be set is $100 per year per planted hectare of apples or pears determined at 1 August in the current calendar year. The commencement date for the Levy is 10 August 2020.

The initial levy from 10 August 2020 is $50 per planted hectare per annum, which will be invoiced by NZAPI to growers based on registration data received during August 2020.

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