Where does NZ Apples & Pears Inc. fit into the industry scheme?

New Zealand is a country that has appropriate conditions for pipfruit production across a wide latitudinal range. The key growing areas are Hawke's Bay and Nelson with production bases also in Auckland/Waikato, Gisborne, Wairarapa/Horowhenua, Marlborough, Canterbury and Central Otago.

Given the wide latitudinal range of our growing districts and the associated range of production-based issues, a centrally co-ordinated research and development programme is required. NZ Apples & Pears Inc. is the industry body that co-ordinates, directs and manages this programme. It is also charged with developing and maintaining an effective programme of technology transfer to the nation’s pipfruit growers.

NZ Apples & Pears Inc. is the liaison between growers and research providers. It relies on regular input from growers and grower representatives, particularly the directors of the company, and the regional and research consultative groups. The Research Consultative Group (RCG) in turn links to, and feeds off, information from regional consultation groups.

NZ Apples & Pears Inc. is also responsible for the implementation and maintenance of the pipfruit industry's Integrated Fruit Production (NZP-IFP) programme and operates a diverse technology transfer programme for all growers.


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