About the Market Panel

The Market Panel is an initiative of New Zealand Apples & Pears Inc. that has been introduced in response to a need for a more united approach to marketing export fruit.

The Market Panel members have exclusive use of the TrustMark. This label is promoted to assure customers that the fruit has been grown using either New Zealand’s world leading Integrated Fruit or Organic Production programmes. In addition the fruit has been grown using food safety, Good Agricultural Practice and quality systems that are compliant with Global GAP or equivalent programmes.

The members of the NZA&P Market Panel make up 90% of the fruit exported out of New Zealand based on 2005 export figures.

Market Panel Members
Company Web site Profile (pdf)
Apollo Apples Ltd www.apollofruit.co.nz Apollo Apples Ltd
Delica Ltd www.delicaglobal.com  
Bostock NZ www.bostock.nz  
Enzafruit Marketing Ltd www.enza.co.nz  
Fern Ridge Produce Ltd www.fernridgefresh.nz Fern Ridge Produce
Freshco www.freshco.co.nz  
Freshmax NZ Ltd www.freshmax.co.nz
Fruit 2 U    
Global Fresh NZ Ltd www.globalfresh.co.nz Global Fresh NZ
Global Fruits Pte Ltd   Global Fruits

Le Fresh Ltd    
Longview New Zealand www.grower.co.nz  
Heartland Fruit NZ Ltd www.luvyafruit.co.nz  
Matipou Exports Ltd  www.matipou.co.nz  
New Zealand Apple Ltd  www.mrapple.co.nz  
NZ Fresh Fruits Company Ltd www.nzfreshfruits.com  Fresh Fruits 
Pickmee Fruit Company Ltd www.pickmee.co.nz Pickmee Fruit Company
Southern Fresh Fruit Exports Ltd    
Te Mata Exports Ltd  www.temataexports.co.nz Te Mata Exports Ltd
Yummy Fruit NZ Ltd www.yummyfruit.co.nz  

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