Appearance:  reddish orange stripes/blush
Harvest time: late March – April
Origin: 1952 chance seedling Nelson, NZ.
Taste/texture: sweet, tart, crisp, firm flesh. Good storage.


Appearance: soft pink red blush or stripes – yellow background
Harvest time: late March – April
Origin: Japan 1950’s cross between Rall’s and Red Delicious
Taste/texture: firm texture and very crisp. Very sweet with attractive aroma.  Good storage.

Royal Gala

Appearance: red stripes over yellow background
Harvest time: mid-February – March
Origin: Gala mutation, NZ
Taste/texture:  crisp, sweet taste, firm white flesh


SciRos - Pacific RoseTM

Appearance: rose pink to bright red in colour. Medium to large size
Harvest time: late March – April.
Origin: HortResearch breeding programme Gala/Splendour cross – released in 1992
Taste/texture: crisp, sweet and juicy. Good storage.


SciRed - Pacifc QueenTM

Appearance: a large bi-coloured apple with red blush
Harvest time: mid-March - mid-April
Origin: Gala Splendour series developed by HortResearch 1993.
Taste/texture: crisp, sweet & juicy.


SciFresh - JazzTM

Appearance: bright red
Harvest time: early March – early April.
Origin: HortResearch Gala/Braeburn cross. Exclusive ENZA variety
Taste/texture: crisp and juicy


Cripps Pink - Pink LadyTM

Appearance: medium-sized, pale green with pink blush
Harvest time: April
Origin: Western Australia 1984
Taste/texture: crisp, juicy. Good keeping qualities


SciEarly - Pacific BeautyTM

Appearance: bi-coloured apple with red blush
Harvest time: early February
Origin: HortResearch Gala/Splendour cross
Taste/texture: crisp, juicy, sweet.


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