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11 July 2018 - Media Release - Fresh Plaza
There is no alternative when it comes to summer fruit: the produce sold in supermarkets must taste good and have a level of ripeness that is good for both shelf-life and consumption. Technology helps operators achieve this.

"Our meter is used is to assess cherry batches from all over the northern hemisphere. It allows operators to determine flesh hardness and assess shelf-life in a non-invasive way. Only produce that is good must reach consumers. Tools such as this one help reach the objective in a simple, inexpensive and effective way," explains Enrico Turoni from TR Turoni.

The DA Meter is very effective for stone and top fruit. Australia uses it too, especially since they obtained permission to export to China. 

"Feedback at an international level is good. Our reference market is the US. When it comes to stone fruit, the DA Meter helps place on the market the fruit that tastes better. As for top fruit, it provides data on shelf-life and therefore on management."

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