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10 September 2019 - Media Release - Fresh PlazaWhile attending Asia Fr
While attending Asia Fruit Logistica, FreshPlaza took the chance to visit a store in Hong Kong. The most expensive product was Spanish grapes sold at €11.2/kg, while the cheapest were Royal apples (as cheap as €1.50/kg). The supermarket was located in the Kowloon district, prices are converted from the local currency (Hong Kong dollar).

Spanish grapes sold at €2.88/250 grams (24.9 HK dollars)

There was a wide variety of apples available, including Modì apples grown in Australia sold at €2.4/kg, Envy from New Zealand at €3.3/kg and red apples from the US at €0.56 each.

Apples from New Zealand sold at €3.3/kg

Another expensive item was a punnet of cherries from Canada sold at €7.3/kg. All of the grapes came from Spain, including those from Moyca, a company that attended the fair. The price of Spanish grapes was €11.2/kg, sold in 250 punnets costing €2.9.

Australian Modì apples on the left

There were no peaches, while nectarines (probably grown in China as they were packaged in Hong Kong) were sold at €2.90 for 4 fruits (600 grams in total). The grapes packaged in Hong Kong were rather affordable, i.e. €2.7 for 730 grams.

Nectarine packet

Oranges were sold at €2.10 per packet. There was also exotic fruit (which is normal in Hong Kong, they actually consider special what is normal in Europe).

Grapes sold at €2.7 for 730 grams

Oranges sold at €2.10/net

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