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8 October 2019 - Media Release - Fresh Plaza
In 2018, apple production was only about 30 million tons, more than 30% lower. Therefore, purchase prices and retail prices remained at a high level throughout the year and many farmers benefited from good profits.

This year, the number of bagged apples is close to previous years with small fluctuations, but this does not affect overall production. This year's total apple production in China should return to the normal level of 43 million tons, so it is speculated that this year is almost an on year. Although production in the EU has reduced significantly, it has little impact on China, as this country’s apple exports are small, and its production is mainly consumed locally. Data show that China's current production is around 43 million tons, and prices at the start of the season are in the 2.5-4.5 yuan range with 3.5 yuan being average. The average opening price within the 6-year-period from 2013 to 2018 was 3.3 yuan.

Based on sales of previous years, traders and farmers from Qixia, Shandong predicted that purchase prices this year would be considered good if they reach 3.7-3.8 yuan. Judging from the purchase prices under normal production in previous years, the financial prospect for farmers and traders may not be as good as last year. The consumer market is likely to remain stable and uneventful throughout the year as usual, with no more serious shortages as seen earlier this year.

Source: Fruit Industry Circle
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