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10 October 2019 - Media Release - Fresh Plaza

LABELPAC, a Canadian-based company that designs and manufactures individual fruit labeling machines and PLU labels, has announced an all-paper label applicator and waste liner. According to the company, it is the only system that uses the biodegradable paper for both the label and the waste liner. Sam Sleiman of LABELPAC says the generally accepted method is to use plastic for at least one of these.

"Most companies either use plastic for labels and waste liners and others use paper for labels, but also use a plastic waste liner which is not environmentally safe," he shared. "LABELPAC has managed to keep both materials paper, which offers an environmentally safe solution. Our customers not only enjoy the fact we are 100 percent paper, but also enjoy our FDA compliant adhesives which have the highest sticker rate of labels remaining on their fruit compared with PLU labeling systems."

Sam Sleiman

Accurate barcodes also important
The labels and waste liners made of paper are just part of the solution presented by LABELPAC. Sleiman said he sees the value in also having accurate bar codes on the labels. "Food traceability is on everyone’s agenda," he explained. "Print quality and grade of scanability is very important in this industry. Print quality of bar codes on PLU labels matters, and if not successful, could result in product rejection from retailers."

Therefore, Sleiman has shared the company's MOTOHEAD® Print and Apply system, which he believes meets the criteria mentioned. He noted the importance of a good scan rate given that PLU labels generally use GTIN and 2D bar codes.

"Our print quality is dark and sharp which will not be affected by moisture that can affect some PLU labeling," Sleiman said. "LABELPAC developed an ink formula to present growers with a full dark clear print image using the MOTOHEAD® Print and Apply systems. This offers peace of mind for growers and users concerned with product rejection from retail buyers if their bar codes do not scan and are unreadable at the cash register."

The company will be presenting these products at the PMA Fresh Summit in Anaheim on October 18 and 19. Visitors to the event can visit LABELPAC at Booth #3811.

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