16 November 2018 - Media Release - Fresh Plaza
After a meeting that lasted for many hours, the British cabinet has come out in support of the provisional Brexit agreement. It was presented to them by the British Prime Minister, Theresa May. The almost 600-page document can now be found on the internet. read more...

16 November 2018 - Media Release - Fructidor
n the United States for more than 50 years, the variety RED DELICIOUS was No. 1 among the apple varieties produced in the country. This year, according to the forecasts of US APPLE ASSOCIATION, this ranking will be modified. read more...

15 November 2018 - Media Release - Fresh Plaza
Ag-tech start-up Robotics Plus, a Tauranga-based maker of automation systems to address labour shortages in horticulture and forestry, has revealed a US$8m ($12m) investment from Yamaha. read more...

15 November 2018 - Media Release - Fresh Plaza
The golden Fuji apple, also known as the butter Fuji apple, is a special variety of the red Fuji apple. The apple is covered during its development, so the skin does not develop the traditional red color, but remains a beautiful yellow. read more...

15 November 2018 - Media Release - Fresh Plaza
At Melbourne International Airport a 3D x-ray unit that will help detect biosecurity risks faster and more effectively has been installed. It should help minimise the risk of pests entering Australia via passengers, mail and cargo such as fruit and vegetables. read more...

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