19 February 2019 - Media Release - Fresh Plaza
Germany is one of the largest markets for fruit in Europe. The relative affluence of its population of 83 million people makes it an attractive outlet for exporters from many countries. This product brief highlights certain aspects of the German fruit market and provides marketing, trade, and regulatory information for U.S. exporters. read more...

18 February 2019 - Media Release - MPI
A large field crew continues work in the Auckland suburb of Devonport today, focused on finding out if there is an incursion of the Queensland fruit fly in the area. This follows the detection of a lone male fly in a surveillance trap in the area last week. Since then, no further flies have been found. read more...

18 February 2019 - Media Release - Fresh Plaza
"One of the principles has been to move our selling focus as close to the consumer and trade partners as possible," Major international produce company, T&G Global, is undergoing major structural changes, to not only redefine its position in the apple market, but also expand into new categories and refocus its global trading strategies. read more...

18 February 2019 - Media Release - Fresh Plaza
The future of agricultural work has arrived in Florida, promising to ease labor shortages and reduce the cost of food. Or so says the team behind Harv, a nickname for the latest model from automation company Harvest CROO Robotics. read more...

18 February 2019 - Media Release - Fresh Plaza
The apple market in China looked somewhat gloomy, prices gained strength, but apples lacked a market. Quite a few traders limited their supply volume and did not expect the market to turn around during Chinese Spring Festival [February 5th, 2019]. Now traders all over China report that their apple stock is sold out, which is a nice surprise for traders in this winter's fruit market. read more...

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