11 April 2019 - Media Release - Fresh Food Portal
A French court has ruled that Monsanto was liable for the sickness of a farmer who inhaled one of its weedkillers, in another legal setback for the Bayer-owned business over health claims, Reuters reported. read more...

10 April 2019 - Media Release - New Zealand Herald
Let me toss a few numbers at you. First number is $23.50 - that's the average pay for an hour to pick kiwifruit. That number alone answers all those who have complained the money is no good. $23.50 is good money. read more...

10 April 2019 - Media Release - Fresh Plaza
Freshmax New Zealand is pleased to announce the appointment of long standing team member, Terry Brown, to the newly created role of General Manager - Business Development. read more...

10 April 2019 - Media Release - Fresh Plaza
APAL’s Head of Group Quality and Innovation, Andrew Mandemaker, argues there is much to be gained by pre-conditioning pears, but we need to learn from experience. Most consumers want to bite into a soft pear, anticipating that a soft pear will be juicier, sweeter and fuller of flavour than its firmer counterpart. read more...

9 April 2019 - Media Release - Stuff NZ
Fancy earning $23.50 an hour for the next few weeks, picking fruit? Jobless, retirees and backpackers are being encouraged to sign up to pick and pack the apple and kiwifruit harvests for the six to eight-week season peak. read more...

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