15 January 2020 - Media Release - Fresh Plaza
Plans to continue lobbying for the investigation of a new port in Auckland's south have drawn the ire of a Northland strategist. The Manukau Harbour, along with the Firth of Thames, are two locations identified in Auckland Council documents as potential spots for a new port. read more...

15 January 2020 - Media Release - Fresh Plaza
The Autumn Glory® apple is a sweet apple phenomenon, with category data numbers to prove why this sweet-tooth satisfying apple has earned its place on produce shelves. read more...

15 January 2020 - Media Release - Fresh Plaza
Nearly 500 hectares of apple and pear trees in the regions of Regina and Chichinales, in the Argentine province of Rio Negro, were devastated by the strong hail storm there was on Sunday, January 12. According to the National Institute of Agricultural Technology, INTA, the area was affected by a category 3 storm, the highest category, as the hail reached 20 millimeters in diameter. read more...

15 January 2020 - Media Release - Fresh Plaza
January 13 was the deadline set by the Office of the United States Trade Representative (USTR) for European agri-food sectors to submit comments about the 25% tariff increase imposed by the Donald Trump government. Up to that date, more than 22,000 comments have been received. read more...

15 January 2020 - Media Release - Fresh Plaza
It cannot be disputed that this year's Conference pears are of much better quality than last year. However, Christoph Van Haelst of Van Haelst Fruit in Belgium, notes that these pears have already deteriorated considerably. "The pears' quality is significantly better than last year. But, unfortunately, we already see a lot of wear. You can see this in their tough necks and stems. Despite this, demand is high. However, due to rising prices, supermarket promotions are on the decline." read more...

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