15 January 2020 - Media Release - APAL
As the clean-up continues, many growers are assessing their properties and beginning work to reinstate infrastructure to secure the current crop and the surviving trees. Many questions have been asked about what can be recovered and what support is available. read more...

15 January 2020 - Media Release - APAL
Access to the new pear rootstock Quince Eline®, and new trials of the latest apple and pear varieties and new generation rootstocks, are just some of the exciting activity the Australian Pome Fruit Improvement Program (APFIP) has underway this year to assist growers to lift orchard performance and profitability. read more...

15 January 2020 - Media Release - APAL
Attendees at APAL’s post-harvest seminar in Shepparton on Wednesday 22 January will hear from eminent biologist and biotechnologist Gabriele Berg, who is head of the Institute of Environmental Biotechnology at TU Graz. Gabriele and her team have been able to significantly increase the shelf life of apples using a combination of hot water treatment and biocontrol organisms. read more...

15 January 2020 - Media Release - APAL
The most common method used for scheduling orchard irrigation is ‘experience’. While this can be reasonably accurate in delivering tree water requirements, it is not so useful when it comes to creating a ‘water budget’ for a season. By using a standard method of calculating orchard evapotranspiration (ETc) and historical weather data, growers can estimate monthly water requirements for the blocks of an orchard. This water budget can then be used to plan water management strategies under different scenarios. For example, what is the irrigation requirement if deficit irrigation or post-harvest cut-off are used? If allocations are low, can I maintain irrigation levels to some priority blocks? A computer spreadsheet is available from Agriculture Victoria to aid growers in creating seasonal water budgets and this article describes the basis of the calculations therein. read more...

15 January 2020 - Media Release - Fruitnet
Researchers in Netherlands discover method that can grow plants more efficiently read more...

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