29 July 2019 - Media Release - The Guardian
Study finds organic apples have more diverse and balanced bacterial community read more...

29 July 2019 - Media Release - APAL
Orchards worldwide are dealing with the impacts of changing climate. AgFirst’s John Wilton outlines what current research reveals on how to manage the impacts of milder winters and warmer springs. read more...

29 July 2019 - Media Release - Fruitnet
Trade technology start-up DiMuto has joined with PwC Singapore’s Venture Hub to grow the international agri-food coldchain market read more...

29 July 2019 - Media Release - The Packer
The U.S. Department of Agriculture plans to purchase up to $236.6 million of fresh fruits and vegetables through one of three programs designed to help growers affected by tariffs and trade barriers. read more...

24 July 2019 - Media Release - Fresh Food Portal
A team of U.S. scientists has made a discovery that could lead to the development of bioenergy and food crops that can withstand harsh growing conditions, website ScienceDaily reports. read more...

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