30 March 2020 - Media Interview - Newstalk ZB
Many people who are out of work due to the lockdown are being picked up by the horticulture industry. A number of crops are due to be picked soon. read more...

30 March 2020 - Media Release - Fruitnet
Stuart Payne of GP Graders says takeaway from Covid-19 pandemic, is that "it’s time to automate and take labour out of the equation" read more...

30 March 2020 - Media Release - Fresh Plaza
With India in lockdown, trade has become more difficult. Despite classifying the food trade as an essential service, there is no guarantee fruit and veg exporters are actually able to continue their work. Besides the fact that social distancing is hard to put into practice in a packing house, freight rates have gone through the roof. One exporter has had to stop all operations in the packhouse, and will have to take a heavy hit until the lockdown is lifted. read more...

30 March 2020 - Media Release - CNBC
Large-scale lockdowns to contain the coronavirus outbreak have hurt the supply of manpower and disrupted supply chains in the agriculture industry. The United Nations’ Food and Agriculture Organization said the world risks a “looming food crisis” unless measures are taken fast to protect the most vulnerable, keep global food supply chains alive and mitigate the pandemic’s impacts across the food system. As of now, disruptions are minimal as food supplies have been adequate. But price spikes are more likely for higher value products like meat and perishable commodities rather than for major staples which are still in adequate supply, said the FAO. read more...

29 March 2020 - Media Release - Stuff NZ
If wineries are in doubt about the best practice during the Covid-19 lockdown, they must "assume everyone has the virus". Documents posted to the New Zealand Winegrowers website on March 26, shows the advice given to wineries during the Covid-19 outbreak. read more...

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