10 January 2020 - Media Release - Fruitnet
Scientists in the US find strawberry crops subjected to leaf wounding before harvest had higher levels of antioxidants read more...

9 January 2020 - Media Release - Fresh Plaza
According to the latest WAPA data sheets, US stocks of apples have fluctuated, with Braeburn, Cortland and Empires falling off between 11 and 30% and Jonagolds dropping of 100%. read more...

9 January 2020 - Media Release - Fresh Plaza
In India (population 1.33 billion), the demand for horticultural products will continue to grow due to increasing population growth (50% of the population are under 25), a growing middle class and rapid urbanisation. Quality products are more and more on the wish list of the richer classes because of the popularity of a healthier lifestyle. India is expected to grow into the third largest global economy by 2025 (following China and the US). This means an increasing growth of imports of food and horticultural products read more...

9 January 2020 - Media Release - Fresh Plaza
Kazakhstan sounds like a far away, mysterious country and may not be seen as an export destination for horticultural products at first. Yet it is worth taking a closer look at this largest country in Central Asia with a population of 18.6 million. All the more so because the import of fruit increased by 24.5% in 2018 (good for € 364,233,360). € 134,634,097 was spent on the import of vegetables, while the import of nuts was € 79,383,396. read more...

9 January 2020 - Media Release - Fresh Plaza
The United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) has collated Taiwan's new import regulations in a report. These new regulations provide rules for labeling, packaging, supplementing, pesticides, etc. The report also contains various links. read more...

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