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26 September 2018 - Sydney


Keynote address: International developments in food safety

Listeria outbreaks: are we any the wiser?

  • Dr Robert Premier, Microbiologist, Global FS Pty Ltd/PMFresh
    Why is Listeria such as issue for fresh produce?
  • Speaker TBC, NSW Food Authority
    Listeria case studies provide solid clues for prevention

Is food safety training hitting the mark?

  • Brendan Hayes, Product Technologist, Coles. A retailer’s perspective
  • Andrew Shaw, AUSVEG. The growers’ perspective

R&D Session

  • Dr Mark Bradbury, University of Sydney
  • Dr Hayriye Bozkurt Cekmer, University of Sydney,Quantitative Microbial Risk Assessment for E. Coli and Listeria in Leafy Vegetables: From farm to consumption in Australia.
  • Professor Robyn McConchie, University of Sydney

Recall, your call.

Export Markets: is A-NZ food safety reputation at risk?

  • Speaker TBC

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