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16 January 2019 - Park Royal, Melbourne Airport

Successful management of apples and pears in the specialised area of post-harvest is increasingly driven by technology.

Presenters at the 2019 post-harvest seminar will share information and examples of how the progressive operators, both locally and internationally, are implementing effective practices backed by an understanding of science and skills.

Topics include: post-harvest physiology, storage technology, management, insights and analysis of the future retailer landscape in the apple and pear industry.

Individuals with an interest in apple and pear cool store management, orchard owners and managers, advisers and marketers looking to update their post-harvest knowledge are encouraged to attend.


Prof. Chris Watkins Fruit ripening, maturation and control strategies, and fruit storage technology
Dr David Felicetti Post-harvest fogging
Tito Spaldi Dynamic control atmosphere global trends
Ian Reichstein Microbial, heavy metal and chemical screening for apple and pears
Stephen Tancred Post-harvest fungicide usage patterns for rot control
Dr Hannah James Verigo – temperature monitoring systems
Tristan Kitchener Changing retail landscape


Tickets are available to purchase online via TryBooking.

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Non APAL member: $130 plus GST

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