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9 June 2020 - Webinar run by APAL

9 Jul 2020 , 4:00 pm – 4:45 pm

With so much technology available, how do you know what to use and where to employ it to maximise efficiency and productivity?

Artificial Intelligence (AI) technologies are poised to transform horticultural practices.  To make the most of the opportunities we need to understand the interplay between the data collecting technologies and the smart tools, and how they can help you to make decisions effectively.

What you will learn

Join us for this 45 minute webinar with Dr  Zygmunt Szpak, from the Australian Institute for Machine Learning at University of Adelaide. He will teach you the foundational concepts you need to identify opportunities for AI in horticulture. It will also explain how a community of farmers can collaborate to ensure the Australian industry can best take advantage of the possibilities.

Registration is essential

You will need to register to access the online webinar session. Make sure to book yourself in early, we will send you a reminder the day before and on the morning of your session.

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