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13 August 2020 - Webinar run by PMA

Thu, 13 August 2020

12:00 PM – 2:00 PM NZST

An online seminar which will prepare businesses to effectively navigate crisis management.

About this Event

Recent incidents involving food safety and food tampering in the fresh produce sector have raised the need to address the preparedness of businesses to address, manage, and survive such events.

If your company does not have a crisis management plan, it is time to consider some planning as the future of your business could depend on it. In the absence of documented crisis management plans and structured and timely crisis communication, businesses may be subjected to regulatory, consumer, and media assaults that impact their day-to-day functioning, market and consumer confidence, and ultimately their long-term viability.


The program will be presented as a seminar with three expert speakers. Each speaker will cover a specific topic, and this will be followed by a question and answer session. The sessions will cover types of crises, the development of management plans, and the role of communication in a crisis.

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