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18 January 2021 - Hawkes Bay - tbc

Actual dates and location/s in Hawkes Bay to be confirmed, but will be during the week of the 18th - 22nd January 2021

Join us for a supervisor upskilling day, facilitated by Primary ITO



Our three-hour session (with a break for kai) is designed to provide you with the tools to upskill as a supervisor with local knowledge and local people joining the conversation.


To register - contact Primary ITO


Matiu Julian, Maori Engagement Manager, Primary ITO
Erin Simpson, Capability Manager, NZ Apples & Pears Inc
Adam Fleck, Production Horticulture Sector Manager, Primary ITO


Indicative Timetable

9.00am 9.35am 
Welcome to the group | Purpose |Outcomes
Introductions- Round table: Name | business | role | experience | expectations
Key questions to explore.
9.40am 10.00am 
Morning tea break
10.00am 11.30am 
Key questions- Learning from experience- Open forum
Culture, relationships, communication, doing things differently,
Research - workplace success model.
The Four Agreements- Guide
11.30am 12.00pm 
Kai Time
12.00pm 12.30pm 
Summary discussion: Key take-aways.
Where to from here?


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