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28 August 2018 - Media Release - APAL

The Adama-developed fruit thinner Brevis® has been registered for Australian use by the Australian Pesticides and Veterinary Medicines Authority (APVMA).

Brevis is a secondary thinner for apples, containing the active constituent metamitron at 150 g/kg in a water soluble granular formulation, applied as a foliar spray.

Welcoming the registration, Adama Australia said Brevis has been developed to increase fruit size and yield of marketable fruit. Brevis would reduce hand thinning costs through removal of excess fruitlets, which would also minimise picking, storage and grading costs.

Brevis is applied post fruit-set and temporarily inhibits photosynthesis and the production of carbohydrates used for tree growth. The reduction in carbohydrate production leads to an increased natural fruit drop.

Adama Portfolio Manager Stuart Moncrieff, who is responsible for the company’s herbicide and plant growth regulator products, said the mode of action of Brevis would provide growers with an alternative to traditional post-bloom thinners.

“With a wider window of application, Brevis offers growers flexibility when targeting the right stage to apply ’’ Stuart said.

Stuart said there was no negative effect on shoot growth or return bloom and Brevis was not harmful to beneficial insects.

Adama said Brevis was suitable for a range of varieties, including Envy, Fuji, Granny Smith, Pink Lady, Red Delicious, Royal Gala and Rubens. It would be a key tool in the management of biennial bearing.

Some pre-registration trials have already been conducted on Brevis, including two trials on the Future Orchards trial orchard in Queensland carried out by Stephen Tancred, Orchard Services, the results of which were reported in the recent Trial Update June 2018.

For further information on Brevis, growers and advisers can contact their local agronomist, chemical reseller or Adama representative.

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