Back to the news list Aus: Fruit fly to be eradicated by January 2019
26 August 2018 - Media Release - The Examiner

Tasmania will be fruit fly free by January 9 next year, the state government say. 

Primary Industries and Water minister Sarah Courtney said the state’s “extensive” eradication program would be successful in killing off the fruit fly. 

“However, a number of factors will come in to play to determine this, including finding no further fruit flies in spring and importantly our trading partners accepting that Queensland Fruit Fly is no longer present in Tasmania,” she said.

“We are also supporting affected fruit growers to prepare their businesses for the coming season, until our pest free area status is officially reinstated and control zones can be lifted.”

On Saturday, Ms Courtney announced a new $500,000 Horticulture Biosecurity Communication and Education Program to support fruit growers with pest and disease awareness and broader community communication and education programs.

In addition, a $550,000 horticulture market and trade development initiative will support fruit and vegetable growers to capitalise on our Pest Free Area status.

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