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8 October 2018 - Advertisement

Timesmart software has been around in one form or another for over 10 years with Time and Attendance and full Job Costing being our cornerstone features.

In 2015 Agrismart was tailored to address certain pain points around staff management in the NZ Dairy Industry, specifically dealing with Time and Attendance, Minimum wage, correctly measuring the various leave types based on the specific roster requirements peculiar to Dairy, full payroll and a H&S module. Agrismart maintains a leading market presence in NZ Dairy.

For some time Agrismart has been developing a fully specific Horticulture module which is nearing completion.

Agrismart Horticulture module will be a full staff management application built for NZ Horticulture. Our development focus is reliant on considerable inputs from a handful of NZ horticulture businesses. 

Agrismart offers a solution to replace manual Time and Attendance and all the manual measures thereafter by offering an automated Data chain as below:


MANUAL DATA CHAIN: The old world of manual paper-based time entry necessitates time data be touched several times throughout the life-cycle of that time. It may be added to Jobs to be billed, paid breaks and minimum wage need to be measured, formula need to be manually applied at multiple points which is time consuming in itself.

Manual timesheets individually represent time and production figures (Units picked, cut, pruned, plucked, thinned, harvested) The relative cost of that production are numbers manually derived from those initial timesheets.

AUTOMATED DATA CHAIN: With Agrismart all production numbers are collated with the time to produce all the way through to hourly rates of pay for piece rate (or wages, or a combination of both) employees for any length of time – All automated from the initial online time and production data from the field – SIMPLE.

 Old flow vs New

New Flow

Agrismart Horticulture module also offers the following:

·        Crop Costing

·        Fully integrated Payroll

·        A Health and Safety module

·        Storage of staff documents

·        Employee skill sets and training

If you are looking for a solution that will reduce human error, only deal with time once, ensure you have a clear management overview and works for your business, be it large or small, then click the contact us button below and we will contact you to discuss.    

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