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16 May 2019 - Media Release - Fresh Plaza

Quarantine restrictions are being lifted in the Mediterranean fruit fly outbreak area in Ceduna, although restrictions will remain in Thevenard until at least October. Restrictions were lifted earlier in May following a successful eradication program. A fruit fly outbreak was declared in Ceduna after larvae were detected on June 14 last year.

Primary Industries and Regional Development Minister Tim Whetstone said it was a whole community effort to remove fruit fly from Ceduna: "I thank residents and businesses for their efforts during the quarantine period and recognise their assistance in eliminating the threat of fruit fly in the area. They were informed about what to do and their cooperation during the eradication program was essential to its success."

Whetstone said fruit fly was eradicated through a combination of baiting and hygiene operations. Millions of sterile fruit flies were also released in the area in April as a part of the eradication program.

While restrictions have been lifted in the Ceduna area, the West Coast Sentinel reports that the eradication program will continue in Thevenard with quarantine restrictions expected to remain in place until October 24.

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