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31 May 2019 - Media Release - Fruitnet

Jazz Snackers is a new range of smaller, sweet and tangy apples set to be launched into Vietnam, Thailand and China by T&G Global.

The fruit is portable, juicy, crunchy and doesn’t bruise easily, according to T&G Global, making it ideal for lunchboxes or as a snack on-the-run which fits loose in a backpack or handback.

“Mother Nature has thrown us a little sweetener this season – some smaller apples for small hands,” said Brenda Galbraith, senior marketing services manager of T&G Global. “These little beauties are going to turn lunchtime into Jazz time.”

Jazz Snackers is the 'little sister' of the branded variety Jazz and its introduction will be accompanied by an integrated promotional campaign including an ‘Active Kids’ challenge where there will be giveaways with purchase and activities in store.

This will coincide with celebrations in China for Children’s Day on 1 June, a day of fun and celebration that puts kids centre stage.

“Apple lovers have really embraced Jazz apples since they were introduced to Asian consumers,” Galbraith said.

“Today, China, Vietnam and Thailand are our fastest growing markets for the brand and we will continue to focus on these emerging markets in future.”

Jazz Snackers will be sold in a convenient sized bag featuring the JAZZ characters.

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