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9 July 2019 - Media Release - Fresh Plaza
In just a few year's time, pear hybrid PIQA® could become a popular variety.

Apo Conerpo has been working on it with New Plant. In 2018, the latter defined the "test agreement" and exclusive commercial exploitation on a European level for a new series of three-way hybrid pears obtained by Plant & Food for which right owner Prevar defined the PIQA® mark.

After the 5-year experimentation phase, which will end in 2021, Apo Conerpo and other New Plant members will have the right to produce and commercialize the PIQA® BOO® variety. Producers are also planting the Chino-Japanese plum with a black peel and white flash known as Black Glamour®, distributed exclusively to New Plant members until 2021.

"When it comes to varietal renewal, New Plant - the company established in 2004 to develop genetic improvements that foster varietal renewal - plays at pivotal role," declare Apo Conerpo president and general manager Davide Vernocchi and Gabriele Chiesa.

Since then, 4,000 seedlings and over 1,770 selections have been assessed, 32 of which were introduced to producers. Over the past few years, over 70% of new varieties is represented by cultivars studied by the Apo Conerpo Technical Committees - a percentage that exceeds 90% if we also consider top fruit, apricots, cherries, kiwifruits and industrial crops.

As regards Opera, president Vernocchi commented by saying that "it is a pity that someone decided to let go of this great project, one of the few examples of aggregation in Italy. Being united means we have a single aim, when working as a team, people need to look towards a single direction."
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