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7 October 2019 - Media Release - Fresh Plaza
Our favorite time of the year, the Ambrosia season, has started. Consumers can enjoy one of the most appreciated apples on the market for more than six months. People chose this variety, which is presented as a miracle of nature, for its superior quality and exceptional flavor. Starting this month, Ambrosia apples return to our trusted supermarkets, markets, and fruit shops to add flavor to the most exquisite recipes.

How can I find the Ambrosia apple? The Ambrosia apple can be recognized by its reddish tones and warm yellow touches, but it differs from all others for its unique texture and unmistakable flavor. Just one bite into this apple is enough for people to appreciate the quality, perfection, and maximum care used in each phase of its production. Only Ambrosia is able to offer such a special variety; an aromatic, fresh, and naturally tasty apple that exceeds the expectations of the most discriminating palates.

The Ambrosia apple, found by chance in Canada, increasingly occupies a larger space in the Spanish markets and households every year. The growing concern for food and health care has led to an increase in the demand for high-quality gourmet fruits.

In order to meet these needs and to increase the reach of this exquisite and irresistible apple variety in Spain, Ambrosia has created for 2019/2020 a campaign dedicated to its final consumers that teaches a great lesson: time is fleeting and we must seize every moment.

Under the motto "Divine at all times," Ambrosia wanted to take care of all its consumers with a campaign focused on raffles and gifts to reward their loyalty and trust. In this campaign, participants can qualify for prizes such as a Thermomix, a smartwatch, or an Amazon card worth € 100 in purchases.

The Ambrosia apple has become a benchmark in the market because it is very juicy, crispy, and because it has a mild flavor due to its low acid content. It is a variety that is recognized and supported by two leading companies in the sector, Rivoira and VIP Val Venosta, who work every year to offer an extraordinary service in the production and distribution of Ambrosia apples.
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