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29 November 2019 - Media Release - Fruitnet

Italian group Consorzio Italiano Vivaisti (CIV) has obtained EC plant variety rights (PVR) to a new clone of Fuji apple called FucIV51, which it says will set new standards especially in terms of the uniformity of its bright red colour.

According to the group, which will market the strain commercially under the name San-CIV, the new variety was selected by its own breeders who were seeking out an improved Fuji.

The fruit is said to be distinct from other Fuji apples currently on the market by virtue of the bright red colour across almost its entire surface, even in areas covered by leaves and other vegetation while it is on the tree.

In addition, San-CIV is apparently very resistant to sunburn, and offers considerably improved pack-outs and grower returns for producers.

“The granting of the PVR," commented CIV technical manager Marzio Zaccarini, "rewards the value and innovation of our consortium's variety research in the apple growing sector. The new clone is already proposed as the new reference point for the Fuji category with uniform colour.”

For a PVR to be granted for a new plant variety, it has to meet certain requirements relating to its distinctiveness, uniformity and stability.

The granting of a PVR is valid for 30 years in the 28 member states of the European Union.

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