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1 December 2019 - Media Release - Fresh Plaza

The Chinese Fruit Distribution Association announced that the apple purchase season is basically over. The estimated overall production volume is at the same level as in 2017 or perhaps slightly higher. The apple is one of the main pillars of the Chinese fruit industry. The overall apple production volume in China currently accounts for around 50% of the global apple production volume.

Apple production areas suffered from frost during 2018. The apple production volume was around 39.23 million tons, which is a decline of 5.2% in comparison with the previous year. The apple production volume recovered this season. According to date from the FAO (United Nations Food and Agricultural Organisations) China produced around 41.39 million tons of apples in 2017, which is 49.8% of the global apple production volume. China is the largest producer of apples in the world. Although the overall production volume is massive, the production volume per hectare is considerably less. China ranks 23rd in the world with a production volume of 18,642 kg per hectare.

Source: Shaanxi Fruit Industry Center

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