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11 December 2019 - Media Release - Fresh Plaza

For two weeks now, the Honeycrunch® club variety has been available in recyclable trays made entirely of cardboard. “We have developed this new range of packagings in order to meet the strong demand from consumers and from our European clients who wish to find alternatives to plastic in terms of packaging,” explains Arnaud de Puineuf, marketing director of the Innatis Group.

 “It was important for us to be the first to offer this type of solutions for a club variety. We have always used the Naturalvi kraft paper packagings for apple trays, but Honeycrunch® is the first variety of the Innatis Group to be sold in 100% cardboard trays. We chose Honeycrunch® partly because it is an early variety and the first of our club varieties on the market at the European level. Moreover, Germany is a dominant market for this variety, and the demand from our German clients for this type of cardboard packagings has been growing since last year.” 

Honeycrunch® is currently available in 3 different formats, including 4F 70/80mm trays, 4F 75/85mm trays and 6F 70/80mm trays. “We started packaging in this format a week ago for various European destinations. It is an extension of our commitment towards the Eco-responsible Orchards label and our HEV 3 certification, which all orchards of the Innatis Group have.”

According to Arnaud, offering the Honeycrunch® in cardboard format is only the first step in the group’s packaging approach. “We are opening the way with the Honeycrunch® and then, other varieties will follow this year with the same type of packaging, like the Choupette®, Lolipop® and Zingy®. We want to progressively offer this solution to the entire varietal range of the group.”

For more information:
Arnaud de Puineuf
Groupe Innatis
Phone: +33 (2) 41 37 70 09   

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