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13 January 2020 - Media Release - Fresh Plaza

"The various consortia let us know that the prices of apples and pears have somewhat increased in an already difficult market. Although prices are already high, the new €0.05-0.10/kg increase should affect all varieties and this will mostly affect southern consumers as, due to their lower purchasing power than in other regions, they tend to buy something else," explains Damiano Ragone, cooperator of FE.VI. Frutta in Policoro. 

"Sales are not great around our area precisely because consumers do not have the economic strength necessary to afford the price increases of these products."

"The apple situation is different from last year, when overproduction led to a drop in quotations. This year, volumes have been lower all over Europe (-2,700.000 tons). Second-choice fruits with 75-80 mm grades reached a starting quotation of €0.70/kg. Extra produce can even reach €1.15/kg (starting price) and is then sold at €1.60/kg wholesale. The pear situation is slightly different as the price of basket boxes can hover between €1.80 and €2.10/kg."

"The festive season definitely pushed consumption, but there have been no significant increases in the orders or prices. Vegetable quotations also did not increase much unlike last year when, due to the low availability, they rose by as much as 40%. Sales have been regular for local products with an increase in the demand for exotic fruit which is popular for gift baskets."

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