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17 February 2020 - Media Release - Fresh Plaza

During the last Fruit Logistica, various parties from the Morgana Apple Group promoted the new Morgana(R) apple variety. The Morgana Apple Group consists of various parties that carry the license for their country for Morgana. The group consists of: Fruit auction South Limburg (the Netherlands), Belgian Fruit auction (Belgium), Melinda (Italy) and Krings (Germany).

The necessary hectares of Morgana have now been planted in the Netherlands. A substantial volume will therefore be available from the 2020 harvest. "The reactions to the Morgana apple are very positive. During various tastings and fairs, the Morgana is assessed with a high score and there is a lot of positive feedback, in particular on the taste and appearance of the apple," says Gerard Kievit. 

Fruit auction South Limburg is therefore convinced that a good product is in its hands with Morgana. That is why Fruit auction South Limburg is making considerable efforts to increase the area and thus the volume in the coming years. Morgana will be marketed in a conceptual manner by Fruit Auction South Limburg.

Sweet with a slightly sour taste
The Fruitveiling Zuid-Limburg shows that the Morgana apple is a very beautiful apple. It also has a very good shelf life. The apple is crunchy with very juicy flesh. It is not for nothing that the slogan 'extremely juicy' is used for the Morgana apple. The taste of the Morgana corresponds to the profile of European consumers, sweet with a slightly sour touch.

Due to its good shelf life and sweet taste, the apple is also suitable for export to distant countries.

For more information:

Fruit auction South Limburg
Gerard Kievit
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