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8 May 2020 - Media Release - HB Today

Summer Wynyard was inspired to enter a horticulture career after visiting Field Days.

The then final-year student at Karamu High School is now after studying for an Agricultural Science degree majoring in horticulture at Massey University. She has returned to Hawke's Bay working as an intern at NZ Apples and Pears (NZAPI) and has recently landed the role as their education supporter.

Her role was involved with the organisations "Te ara mahi" project which aims to promote horticulture as a career by providing main horticulture regions with resources for young people looking at career options or for a change in career.

Horticulture was a career Wynyard hadn't previously considered but she was inspired to after hearing a horticulture graduate speak at the event.

"Seeing a young female passionate about helping people and being able to turn that, and her love for science, into a career was the spark that got me interested in horticulture, plus we shared the same passions."

Wynyard said she wanted a career that made her excited to go to work.

"Choosing horticulture gave me the opportunity to work in both science and business, which are my favourite subjects.

"It became a no-brainer once I saw the connections between horticulture and my cultural values including being a guardian of our natural resources (kaitiakitanga), creating a sense of belonging through working together (whanaungatanga) and having self-determination (tino rangatiratanga)."

She also has a desire to do good for people, specifically Maori people which she has found she can do in horticulture.

"Working in horticulture I am able to work with scientists and researchers to help find solutions to challenges plaguing our sector such as the threat of pests to our crops.

"I am also able to work with rangatahi (young people) in my community and in NZ to help them realise the potential they have as individuals, particularly in this growing sector."

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