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15 October 2020 - Media Release -

FirstFruits Marketing is excited to announce the launch of another Opal apple season. Opals are a naturally non-browning apple with unique flavor and have a distinct crunchy texture making it the yellow apple with a crispy bite. This year, retailers can look forward to new campaign including new in-store marketing including signage, bins and social media tool kit all inviting consumers to “Crave the Crunch”.

Retailers can also look forward to a new Opal Crunch Crate launching later this fall which is made of recyclable materials that will hold smaller size apples, making them perfect for kids snacking at home or on the go.

FirstFruits is also excited to continue their partnership with Opal Brand Ambassador, Cynthia Sass.  Last year, Cynthia developed several healthy recipes using Opal apples and was featured on over 25 radio and tv interviews by participating in a satellite media tour to discuss the features and health benefits of Opal apples reaching a total audience of 104,747,812 nationwide.

“We’re looking forward to this Opal season and are thrilled to continue our partnership with Cynthia,” says Joe Vargas, Marketing Director of FirstFruits Marketing, “with her expansive knowledge of health benefits of apples along with her love of Opals, she’s the perfect person to be our brand ambassador.”

Opal apples will be back in stores starting the week of October 19th and be available through late spring. Learn more about FirstFruits Marketing at the PMA Virtual Fresh Summit.


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