16 October 2018 - Media Release - APAL
APAL has been advised that the Department of Agriculture and Water Resources will begin an import risk analysis for apples from the Pacific Northwest States (Oregon, Idaho and Washington) of the United States of America in November 2018. read more...

15 October 2018 - Media Release - Fresh Fruit Portal
Two weeks after Seeka (NZX: SEK) reported bacterial symptoms reminiscent of kiwifruit disease Pseudomonas syringae pv actinidiae (Psa) in an Australian orchard, Agriculture Victoria has confirmed the tests came up positive. read more...

13 October 2018 - Media Release - Stuff
A boundary dispute is brewing in Kerrytown north of Timaru. Lifestylers Alister and Fiona Pye, along with their farming neighbours ?Rob and Sarah Harvey, are ropeable as five-metre posts have been erected on the boundaries of their properties in recent months. read more...

9 October 2018 - Media Release - Fresh Plaza
The United Nations Conference on Trade and Development (UNCTAD) recently announced the top 10 ports by container volume in a report on global shipping in 2017. The Chinese ports include Shanghai (number 1), Shenzhen (number 3), and 5 more, all in the top 10. Singapore (number 2) and Busan (number 5) were high on the list as well, making it clear that Asian ports are the "core" of global shipping. read more...

9 October 2018 - Media Release - Fresh Plaza
On Sunday, October 7, Apple demonstrated its Apple Watch heat based capabilities by featuring "Calor", a new app aimed at protecting rural farm workers toiling in summer fields picking the nation's fruits and vegetables. read more...

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