7 August 2020 - Media Release - Newstalk ZB
Kiwis may not be able to leave the country, but at least our apples are. read more...

6 August 2020 - Media Release - Fruitnet
Export returns top NZ$870m, placing industry on track to reach NZ$1bn goal by 2022 read more...

5 August 2020 - Media Release - APAL
Sundials have been used for over 3000 years to draw knowledge from light. Invented to measure the time of a far distant past, the concept is being used anew by Agriculture Victoria researchers at the Goulburn Valley-based SmartFarm at Tatura to drive the design of orchards of the future that capture light more efficiently to yield more fruit of higher quality. read more...

3 August 2020 - Media Release - Radio New Zealand
A Hawke's Bay company believes it will be the first in the world to develop a mobile friendly survey to uncover serious workers rights problems in horticulture. read more...

3 August 2020 - Media Release - Stuff NZ
Uncertainty surrounds the scheme which provides vital labour for Marlborough’s wine industry as contractors face potential shortages of overseas workers. read more...

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