2 March 2021 - Media Release - Hort News
The brown marmorated stink bug (Halyomorpha halys), which is native to South East Asia, has been identified for the first time in the UK. Although it has spread to parts of the US and Europe in recent years, this is the first time that it has been recorded in Great Britain. read more...

2 March 2021 - Media Release - APAL
Traditional airblast sprayers are designed to push insecticides and fungicides several metres through a thick canopy to ensure excellent coverage and distribution of crop protectants throughout the tree. Modern tree training systems, however, are focussed on producing thin canopy structures not suited to traditional airblast sprayers which blow crop protectants straight through the fruiting wall where they can be lost to the environment. Hence there is a need to adopt new technologies to ensure efficient and efficacious application of fungicides and insecticides with minimal loss to the environment. read more...

2 March 2021 - Media Release - Fuseworks
The two Pick the Bay employment expos held over the past six months attracted hundreds of job seekers, one of whom has gained a new and exciting career opportunity in the horticulture industry, and received a car. read more...

1 March 2021 - Media Release - Stuff NZ
A Nelson apple company is hoping its new product will bring a ray of light out of the gloom brought on by the Boxing Day Hailstorm. read more...

1 March 2021 - Media Release - New Zealand Herald
A bonanza New Zealand apple season which delivered significantly better fruit sizes, volumes and quality, plus Covid 19-driven demand in some international supermarkets made T&G Global's apple business the star performer of a much improved 2020 financial year. read more...

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