12 December 2018 - Media Release - APAL
Fruit flies cost Western Australia’s horticulture industry $10.2 million per annum in lost production and control measures so it’s little wonder scientists, growers and government are investing heavily to tackle the pest once and for all. read more...

10 December 2018 - Media Release - The Packer
U.S. fresh-market apple holdings on Dec. 1 were off 16% from year-ago levels, according to a new report from the U.S. Apple Association. read more...

7 December 2018 - Media Release - New Zealand Herald
Dozens of stink bugs have managed to get into the country in a pair of shoes bought on an American website. read more...

5 December 2018 - Media Release - The Packer
The relaunch of the Autumn Glory apple was the most literal kind of product launch you could have. read more...

5 December 2018 - Media Release - Fresh Plaza
Sales are not yet running smoothly in the top-fruit market. "We are doing reasonable business, but it remains an uphill battle. If you want to put your prices up a few cents, you are quickly considered to be too expensive", says Erik Kieftenburg of the Dutch company, Fruit Noordholland. "The automated cells are, however, now just about empty. We are currently getting fruit from the ULO cells. A certain price has to be paid for that." read more...

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